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Leadership principle questions answers

Insist on the Highest standards

1 – Describe a time when you refused to compromise your standards around quality/customer service etc

5k Scanned

2 – Tell me about a time when you were unstatisfied with the status quo

SLA miss in pick

3 – Tell me about a time when you worked to improve quality of a product /service / solution that was already getting good customer feedback

PG reappro

4 – Tell me about a time when you had to make a decision between standards and delivery

5k scanned

5 – Give me an example of a goal you’ve had where you wish you had done better

Throuput Q4

Describe the most significant continuous improvement project that you led


Tell me about a time when you used feedback about your team to drive a change

Feedback du shift précédent area readiness

Are Right a lot

1 tell me about a time when you didn’t have enough data to make the right decision VTO Q4

2 Tell me about a strategic decision you had to make without clear data or benchmarks VTO Q4

3 Tell me about a time you made a difficult decision with input from different sources BL Single

4 we don’t always make the right decision all the time. Tell me about a time you made a bad decision TSO dimanche

5 we don’t always make the right judgment all the time tell me about a time ou made an error in judgment TSO Dimanche

6 tell me about a time when you discovered that your idea was not the best course of action BL single avec 4K d’un coup

7 describe a time when you brought different prespectives together to solve a problem BL Single

Learn and be curious

1 Tell me about a time when you realized you needed a deeper level of subkect matter expertise to do your job well preshift

2 describe a time when you took on work outside of your confort area 1320

3 tell me about a time when you didn’t know what to do next or how to solve a challenging problem 1320

4 we have all things about ourselves we’d like to improve on at work. give me an example of something that you’ve worked on to improve your overall work effectiveness. acting manager pack 

5 give me an example of a time when you explored a new or unexpected area of an existing space 1320

6 describe a time when someone on your team challenged you to think differently about a problem. Preshift

7 Tell me about a time when you used external trends to improve your own company’s products or services Buffer size limit

Bias for action

1 – Give me an example of a calculated risk that you have taken where speed was critical VRET

2 – Tell me about a time when you worked against tight deadlines and didn’t have time to consider all options before making a decision. VRET

3 – Describe a situation where you made an important business decision without consulting your manager 5k scanned

4 – Tell me about a time when you had to gather information and respond immediately to a situation BL single

5 – Give me an example of when you saw an issue tha would impact your team and took an proactive approach to solve it VRET

6 – Tell me about a time when you saw an issue that would impact your team and took a proactive approch to solve it. buffer size limit

7 tell me about a time when you felt your team was not moving to action quickly enough ID Premium

8 Tell me about a time when you were able to remove a serious roadblock barrier preventing your team from making progress Lead Solving

Deliver results

1 Give me an example of a time when you were able to deliver an important project inder a tight deadline VRET

2 Tell me about a time when you had significant, unanticipated obstacles to vercome in achieving a key goal VRET

3 Tell me about a time when you not only met a goal but considerably exceeded expectations Q4

4 Tell me about a time when you or your team were more than half way to meeting a goal when you realized it may not be the right goal or may have unintended consequences TSO

5 give me an example of a mission or goal you didn’t think was achievable VRET

6 Tell me about a time when you did not effectively manage your projects and someting did not get completed on time Entretiens annuels

7 It can be difficut to set goals for a team that are challenging yet achievable. Tell me about a time when you hit the right balance. BL Single


1 – Give me an example of how you have helped save costs or eliminate waste within your role or organisation PG reappro

2 describe a time when you had to get a project or initiative completed with limited ressources job rotation

3 tell me about a time when you didn’t have enough resources to do something you felt was important but found a creative way to get it done anyway job rotation

4 Tell me about a time when you had to make tradeoffs between quality cost lead solving

5 Tell me about a time when you generated a creative solution to a problem or project without requiring additional resources job rotation

6 Give an example of a time you requested additional funding to complete a project lead solving

7 describe a time when you had to decide whether or not award or ask for additional ressources job rotation

8 give an example of a time when you challenged your team to come up with a more efficient solution or process PG reappro

Dive deep

1 tell me about a time when you were trying to understand a complex problem on your team and you had to dig into the details to figure it out Buffer size

2 Tell me about a situation that required you to dig deep to get the root cause Buffer size

3 Tell me about a problem you had to solve that required in depht throught and analysis Buffer size

4 Walk me through a big problem or issue in your organisation that you helped to solve 1320

5 tell me about a specific metric you have used to identify a need for change in your department solving

6 have you ever created a metric that helped identify a need for change in your department scanned pour avancement

7 tell me about a time when you had to validate the assumptions underlying a direct report project smart pack

Hire and develop the best

1 tell me about a time when you helped one of your team members develop their carrer Bigotte

2 tell me about a time when you invested in an employee development Djeriou

3 Give me a example of a time you provided feedback to develop the strenghts of someone on your team Djeriou

4 tell me about a time when you provided coaching to a member

5 tell me about someone you hired that you thought complemented your skills

6 tell me about a time when you helped a remote team member develop their career

7 describe a person who struggled to get promoted under your leadership and how you helped facilitate their success

8 tell me about your most challenging talent review and promotion process that you conducted for your team task force qualité

9 describe a time when you constructed a team to accomplish a goal

10 tell me about a time when you had a low performing individual on your team

Think big

1 – tell me about a time when you wre working on an initiaative or goal and saw an opportunity to do something much bigger or better than the initial focus Q4

2 – give me an example of how you have changed the direction or view of a specific function department and helped them embrace a new way of thinking Q4

3 – Give ma an example of a time you proposed a novel approach to a problem Q4

4 – Tell me about a time when you drove adoption for your vision ideas Q4

5 – Give me an example of an idea or vision you had which was adopted by global steakholder Q4

6  – tell me about a time when you thought differently to improve a process that was working PG reappro

7 tell me about a time when you encouraged a team member or organisation to take a big risk Q4

8 – Tell me about a time when you etablished a vision for a team when there wasn’t one. Q4


1 – tell me about a time when you took on something significant outside your area of responsability 1320

2 – describe a time when you didn’t think you were going to meet a commitment you promised entretiens annuels

3 – give me an example of an initiative you undertook becase you saw that it could benefit the whole company or your customers, but wasn’t within any group’s indvidual responsability so nothing being done 1320

4 -tell me about a time when you made a hard decision to sacrifice short term gain for something that would create long term value for business polyvalence court terme

5 – describe a time when you had to transition a project you owned to a new owner standardisation pack

6 tell me about a time when you saw a peer struggling and decided to step in and help Liviu

Have backbone

1 tell me about a time when you strongly disagreed with your manager or peer on something you considered very important to the business Lead Solving

2 – describe a time when you took an unpopular stance in a meeting with peers and your leader 1.5k wip

3 – often we must make decisions as a group. give me an example of a time you commited to a group decision even though you disagreed BG GB

4 – describe a time when you felt strongly about something on a project but the team decided to go on a different direction. Retrait pg pack

5 – tell me about a time when you pushed back against a decision negatively impacted your team 1.5k wip

6 give me an example when you submitted a great idea to your manager and they did not support it. lead solving

7 describe a time when you had to support a business initiative that didn’t agree with. GB BB

8 Tell me about a time when the business gained something because you persisted for a lengh of time Lead solving

Earn trust

1 – Tell me about a time when you had to communicate a change in direction that you anticipated peaole would have concerns with Smartpack

2 – give me an example of a tough or critical piece of feedback you received Feed back difficile

3 – Describe a time when you needed to influence a peer who had a differing opinion about shared goal Q4 throuput

4 – give ma an example of a time when you were not able to meet a commitment Entretiens annuels

5 – Tell me about a time when your team’s goal were out alignment with another team you relied on in order to meet your goal Lagrange

6 – tell me about a time when you undercovered a significant problem in you team LEAD solving

7 – describe a time when you improved morale and productivity on your team Job rotation

8 – tell me about a time when a team membe was struggling to keep up or fit in and you stepped in to help out Bigotte

9 – tell me about a time when a team member was not performing well and impacted your work Djeriou

Invent and simplify

Give me an example of a complex problem you solved with a simple solution. what made the problem complex 1320

Describe the mostinnovative thing you’ve done an why you thought it was innovative OFT

Tell me about a time when you were able to make something simpler for customers OFT

Describe a time when you influenced and drove new thinking and innovation on your team Q4

Tell me about a time when you had a challenging problem or situation that the usual approcah wouldn’t adress OFT

Tell me about a novel idea you had or decision you made that had a big impact on your business Q4

tell me about a time when you enabled your team member to implement a significant change or improvement Job rotation


A1- A2 VTO Q4

We have a tote router on our FC. This tote router sort totes and send them on the singlemedium pack line and multimedium wrangling lane. It can sort totes that comes from each size of our building as we have pick towers on each size of our FC. 

This tote router can sort around 6000 totes/hour (3000 from each side).

During this Q4 we were having an issue with our tote router without ETA. 

We have degraded mode, when tote router have an issue. With the degraded mode, we can sort around 1250 totes by hour from each side.

At this moment, we were going at 22000 uph, it mean 3600 totes / hour. 

So I was having, with this degraded mode to much capacity in pick for what we can sort manually. We were going at 22000 uph and max capacity was at 15000 units per hour.

In this situation we have two risk : the first is an important safety risk due to tote overflow in the pick tower. The second is a real risk if miss for CPT, as in this situation, you can easily loose a lot of units, again, cause of the overflow.

During Q4, we need to ship the most we can to deliver on time our customers, during this Q4, it was particulary true, as France FC were not in capacity to ship all Customers orders.

I was having to reduce our capacity by 7000, but, I was having also to keep handy this capacity.

First option was to send back to Inbound the 200 AAs, I was having to help us during the break. As we were having take Inbound reinforcements during the breaks to maximimze our capacity and ship around 20 to 22K units per hour.

with this option, I was reducing our capacity by 5k hour, it was insuffisiant and we can send them back to Ib only for 1 hour, as during the week end, Inbound don’t have so much truck to unload and they were having only for around 2 hours of work for all these guys.

I have asked to my ops manager if we were ok to send them back to IB, and she agreed ith me. 

I was having 2k more than we can handle, so I have also take the decision to reduce our pick capacity by sending pickers to pack and overpack a bit. By doing that, I was able to maintain our buffers on target during the newt 3 hours without risk of no more work and so to ship around 16 to 17k hour.

Fortunatly, Issue has been solved after 1 hour. As a result, we have reduced our capacity only during an hour, and lost around 5k shipment capacity, instead of maybe 50k if I was not having take the right decision and ask for doing VTO.

A3 – BL Single

During last Q4, I was Flow manager. 

Baklog ordinaire 60 % multi et 40 % single, là on était à 55%. Il faut savoir : 

Packers déposent les colis qui partent ensuite vers le flat pour les petits (single) et shoe pour les gros (multi).

Notre flat ne peut prendre que 9K heure. On allait à 22k heure et il nous fallait envoyer 12k, si on allait  9 k notre backlog single n’aurait pas diminué et la situation n’aurait fait que devenir plus grave.

Task : flow meeting avec le pack, le shipping et la safety pour avoir tous les input pour prendre la bonne décision.

Au flat le ship contingency cenveyor qui peut absorber 4k à l’heure en théorie mais qui nécessite une équipe qui gère manuellement.

Safety devait aller voir si contrainte covid nous permettait d’utiliser le continegency.

Pack devait voir si la montée progressive du volume que je voulais mettre en place n’occasionnait pas de micro arrêts

Je devais faire monter progressivement le volume par palliers de 500.

Resultat : 12.5k – Backlog sous controle, fin du jour d’après normal situation avec 60 % multi et 40 % single.

A4 – A5 

TSO Dimanche

Le dimanche matin j’ai préférai privilégier le cx au tso, et lancer le tso l’après midi. Sauf que j’avais oublié que l’équipe de nuit a une équipe plus grande et a besoin d’une wip plus grande.

AF a refusé de picker le tso et s’est concentré sur la construction des buffers. avec un risk de louper le reactive.

C’était une mauvaise décision parce qu’il fallait s’y prendre depuis le matin.

Il fallait pendre actions pour détourner la chose. J’ai regardé le niveau de risk, et il n’y avait pas de risk cpt. Et j’ai fait big mouvement du pack au pick pour construire la wip et en même temps picker le tso.

Resultat : miss un peu le ship plan de 4k mais unités reactive sauvées et wip atteinte pour la nuit pour qu’ils puissent commencer  travailler dans de bonnes conditions sans risk pour le cpt. J’ai proposé à mon ops manager de faire appel à heures sup pour rattraper le ship plan Mais il m’a dit qu’on pouvait s’en passer. Depuis je me concentre sur tso le matin.

A6 – BL single avec 4k d’un coup.

Learn 1 

ALPS – Misc hours

Acting flow AM.

in flow, we have file to fill 2 times:

Prior day plan: called preshift where we fill expected HC attendance and expected capacity loss (for example: trainings, moves toward other departments) -> Output: Expected ship plan for the day (Number of customer orders we will ship)

SOS confirmed capacity: SOS capacity based on real attendance and effective launched trainings and moves -> Finalized ship plan.

We also have an expected show hours and rates expected for our shift that enables to set the expected ship plan for our shift. Missing the ship plan may lead to customer impact because of undercapacity issue.

I was trained since long time on how to prepare preshift capacity. I used to do it based on what I plan as moves and I limit those moves in order to meet the expected ship plan.

Ship plan becomes more and more challenging and I couldn’t meet it even if I stop doing all needed trainings and moves. So I needed to divedeep to understand from which comes this issue.

I asked my ops Manager to share with me used files to set the expected caapcities per shift: He shared with me the labor plan link and the misc hours link.

Labor plan gives me information about expected vacation and absenteism for my shift. Lower attendance that planned for may explain my incapacity to deliver the ship plan. And also enable me to pull andon early about the expected loss of capacity in case my manager want to compensate it with AAs from other departments.

Misc hours file gives me information about my budget of hours to spend on different trainings, it also shows me exactly expected moves between departments.

Again this enable me to master and easily anticipate deviations to ship plan. So RC of my capacity issues was the wrong use of preshift file.

Actions; I started building my preshift plans based on those both files and I am able to pull andon on any expected deviations a day before

results: Accurate capacity (deviation under 5%) and accurate data to explain ship plan misses or overtaking whenever I judge that it is necessary.

Learn 2

1320 acting manager flow

miss sur chaque shift qu’on expliquait par un system issue avec un impact client 4 ou 5 par jour.

Some actios have been done by solving to solve the problem as solving was making areatour. But explanation was not clear about 1320 condition.

Similar FC were having clear dashboard

Call au manager ORY1 qui n’avait pas de 1320.

Il m’a expliqué le process.

Learn to all op lam pour le traitement des 1320.

Filtre rodéo des 1320 pour les op slam, le lead flow et les leads pack et solving.

Les op slam need to check if units are for cpt and if they are reprocess on 6 minutes pad time station

give the information on the other shift

As a result we have no more 1320 units on the dashboard.

Learn 4

Acting au pack

J’étais acting manager pack et il y avait tout un aspect de manager que je voulais apprendre, comme les meeting productivity avec rh qui me permettent de voir l’impact de mon travail, l’avancée des autres shift, la participation à SME. Qu’on mette des AA sous moi. je n’avaias donc pas tout les aspect d’un maneger.

J’en ai parlé à mon ops, pour avoir mon équipe, pour participer aux réunions RH. J’ai apprécié l’aspect connection, de voir les iddle et leur impact. J’ai pu avoir l’occasion de prticiper à des SME pour l’installation du smart pack.

Ne plus voir que les cpt et la productivité et voir plus loin, j’ai ainsi pu me rendre compte à travers des résultats connexion ce qu’il y avait à améliorer comme certains aspect de la communication sur la safety, puisque certains AA pensaient que la safety étaient moins importante que la productivité.

Lagrange accuracy

Rôle: Acting flow AM / 2 months ago

Outbound Flow is managed by local team (AM Flow (me)+ lead Flow) In collaboration with Central Flow team (Team based in Barcelona) that also ensure worldwide capacity adjustments.

We use many tools to Manage flow. one of them: Lagrange. Lagrange is a tool where CF add inputs about actual and expected capacities for the entire shift. Local team double check and challenge the data based on local constraints if needed. Lagrange accuracy is very important to ensure every sit won’t get more orders that what he is capable to deliver based on his capacity. An overestimated lagrange may lead to misses with Cx impact.

CF Goal:Have Lagrange the most theorically accurate based on expected day HC. This metric is tracked during weekly CF meetings.

My Goal: In situations of high backlog and risky CPTs, keep a security margin on Lagrange to anticipate potential capacity misses (Sickness leaves, Rates drop due to AAs tired by EOS…)

So I asked CF team to override lagrange on future slots to -5% of actual capacity but he refused at first.

I had a call with CF AM who explained to me that having this security is not a part of their process. I fully understood his position but reminded him our common goal: Avoid customer misses, I showed him that I don’t have any other levers available on site that may help me increase my capacity if needed, and that charge is increasing a lot since the SOS (+16%). I also shared data from last weeks where by experience we ship least on last slots due to Rates drop (AAs tired). CF AM understood my point and saw the real risk of customer impact. We both agreed finally to apply the 5% security margin.

Result: Lagrange overrided to 95% of actual expected capacity/ We were alligned to the updated Lagrange we shipped 15K on last slots instead of 16K as expected first. Good collaboration with CF AM until now. New slot added in Lagrange to reflect the loss of capacity on last part of shift.

Feedback difficile recu:

Acting Pack AM / Last year

I was Flow AM on weekend shift, shifts of 12 hours length and we start administrative work only after EOS -> total duration of over 14 hours of work.

I moved from Flow to pack acting AM -> I organized better my time to finish all my routine on time. So I was the first Manager to leave the floor

Feedback from my manager 1 month later-> I feel you are less engaged than you used to be

At first, I was totally confused because for me it wasn’t the case, I tried to get more data from my manager but he told it was a feeling only. Then I understood that it may be linked to this change (departure on time).

Actions: I decided to share my new routine and checklist with my manager and asked him to see if he sees any tasks to add, my routine was complete according to him.

Also, by EOS I asked him and my colleagues if they still needs me to help on other tasks, I also encouraged my colleagues to get maximum of their routine done during the shift.

Result: After a period, I asked my manager if he still feels me not into my work and he told me that it wasn’t the case anymore.

Smart pack communication- earn trust:

Acting Pack AM / Last year:

Smart pack process: machines that packed automatically up to 800 parcels per hour in plastic bags.

I choosed the most engaged AAs to train them to this process and I had best results in site ( 750 Vs average other shifts at 400) I sent my PGs to help other shifts increasing their performances and they were so proud of that. Smart pack became the process that everyone tries to get trained to.

Then one day, as AMAZON is committed to environmental actions, it was decided to eliminate plastic bags. Smart pack machines needed to be removed from our site.

Once I learned this news, 1 month before the effective date of machine’s suppression, I prefered to be transparent with the team and tell them. I gathered smart pack team to share the news. I knew they will be highly impacted.

Once I did, they were really concerned about how their work will become non intresting later. They were all talking at same time and asking already for future critical role trainings to do right after the end of smart pack process. My ultimate goal was to not promess things I won’t be able to do later just to help releasing the current tension.

Actions: – Tell the team that I fully understand their feelings and with all great results they achieved it was human and natural to feel bad. – Encourage them to express openly and accept their fears and emotions. – Remind them that I communicated as soon as I had information instead of waiting last minute with taking risk to have low results during next month because I know and trust my team.

– Be transparent by avoiding any promisses about the future and insisting that it is out of transparency.

– Remind the team that it was a great experience that many other AAs would like to experiment but they didn’t get the chance to.

– Invite them to have individual 1:1 during next weeks to discuss with each of them and answer questions they may have later.

Result: team appreciated the early communication and transperancy. Best result as usual during the last month of smart pack (Over 750 rate) AAs still engaged until now and are part of top 10% performers.

Q4 throughput/ New way of thinking:

(Acting Flow AM/ weekend shift) Equipe de compétiteurs, on lance les challenges entre les équipes: première équipe à atteindre le 40 TPH/ Première à atteindre le 50 TPH/ Best results in smart pack worldwide (over 750 uph for target at 500) / Plus grand hourly throuput last Q4 2020 (33K on one hour)

Particularité de ce Q4: Hourly capacité limité due aux contraintes Covid (22K).

bottleneck: shipping capacity ->forecasts indicated that europe does not have the capacity to absorb all customer orders this year. The other shifts launched the challenge of highest hourly throughput (24K reached by Night shift).

Our ship AM encouraged us to try to win again. This year, due again to covid constraints, we had a lot of separated break times so it was difficult to have a complete hour of full HC to break the reccord. If we try to do so we may put in danger social distancing in shipping area.

I was analyzing to find the best time slot for the challenge and found opportunity to have biggest and real positif impact on the business: Try to maximize throughput during all break times instead of looking for a 1 hour reccord: I had consecutive break times almost all the day spread over a period of 7 hours ( 4* 50mins + 8* 30 mins).

misc hours accounted for 150 Inbound reinforces during the shift but I lost an average of 250 AAs on majority of break times. My TPH: 28, So I lost an average capacity of: (250* 28* 7): 49K.

The inbound reinforces compensate: (150*28*7)= 29K So I found the opportunity to process increase the daily throuput by 22K orders by taking 250 Inbound reinforces instead of the 150 planned.

I had a slot of 1 hour with a total HC over the maximal capacity that I can manage closely by processing more TSO during it. My OPS manager validated.

Results: 22K gained per day -> 44K per weekend -> 176K total Q4 period (4 weekends) Senior Operations maximized throughput of week shifts as well


Q4 2017/ Acting Flow AM

Layout FC: P2X: First floor: Process Paths: Single/ wrap/ Multi Medium (Up to 50 batches / physical limitation)

Batches are a bunch of customer orders picked together and splitted per customer during rebin process. Those batches guarantee an optimzed Pick paths for pickers

P1X: Process Paths: Non con/ Multi Xlarge (Up to 12 batches) / Multi High Rack ( Up to 7 batches)

The tool used in Flow to manage all those process paths and guarantee the best capacity split proportional to backlog. needed Inputs: Rates and total HC

The tool is not aware about physical constraints but until this day backlog good balanced and no need to exceed our maximal BLs

The issue: High Multi Xlarge Backlog due to PS4 massive orders -> first time OFT put attribute 60% of total HC to MultiXlarge process with no possibility to match this physically.

Consequence: OFT can’t be used anymore to manage our flow, morning shift spent time to do all calculations maually

Long calculation, risk of mistakes, impossibility to match the standard of hourly plans generation (due to ammount of calculation to do)

Solution / Action: Using OFT for all other Process Paths and manage manually only the Multi Xlarge process. This can be easily done by:

1/ allocationg to OFT the Total HC minus the one I want to keep for MultiXlarge Process (Max capacity)

2/ Set manually the max HC for multi Xlarge


-> Quick calculation and as a result capacity to run hourly plans with updated rates as per standard

-> Better split of capacity between all non impacted process paths because still managed by OFT

-> Best practice taken by CF team and used to manage exceptional situations impacting one process path (example: T-cap issues)

CPT ID premium– quelque chose n’avance pas aussi rapidement que nécessaire:

Acting Pack AM:

CPT (Critical pull time): The time corresponding to the expected delivery date of orders. All orders needs to be processed and loaded in the truck that left site on CPT time. Any delay = High risk of customer impact

Rodeo: Tool to follow up orders routing through different process and conditions.

Single : pick -> Pack -> Once in the box Scanned -> Passing the slam Manifested .

Multi: pick -> Rebin -> Pack -> Once in the box Scanned -> Passing the slam Manifested .

When CPT time is approching, a good prioritization leads to process around 80% of concerned CPT orders and 20% of future work orders especially in case of limited capacity.

To controle CPT advancement, I check the pourcentage of scanned orders of my CPT Vs total processed volume.

One day, High risk on CPT due to days orders dilluted and I noticed that we are processing only 60% of next CPT volume. with this trend, we wouldn’t be able to meet CPT and we would miss CX orders for sure. We had a pack capacity of 12K per hour, we were at almost 1 hour from pad time with 8500 left package to pack. 60% of total capacity = processing 7200 packages which means missing 1300 orders.

Actions: Reinforce PGs team (the team in charge of priority orders chasing)

Splitting reponsabilities clearly between PGs and leads : dedicated team per task/ Team to prioritize multi process rebin walls/ Team to prioritize single BT that were kicked out in contingency conveyor/

Following up the scanned metric until it was back on track: over 80% of processed units were for CPT

results: CPT cleaned on time, No missed orders and no cutomer impact

Over 9.5K priority units processed for this CPT ( around 80%)

Coaching for lead to learn master CPT through scanned metric

Commitment/ Entretiens Annuels:

Acting Flow AM/ Weekend shift (2 days on site with AAs)

Every year we need to finish all annual interviews for our Amazon Associates (BB) before the end of september. I had a team of 60 BBs this year. Particular context: Covid: Site closed Mid April until end of May

When site opened back, during HR meeting, Our HRBP asked us to confirm if we will finish our interviews on time. I did a schedule taking into accound my holidays and my AAs holidays and I saw that I was able to meet the expected deadline. So I confirmed.

I started to conduct my interviews on On June, July I had my holidays and when back everything was on truck to finish during august and September.

Bad surprise: Many members of my team were either positif to Covid 19 or identified as contact case ( Pack AM, Solving lead, Flow lead, Ops Manager) So my charge increased a lot and I was not able anymore to do any interview. I tried to push as much as I can but I couldn’t meet my scheedule.

I prevent my Manager and HR team that I can’t meet the deadline as I confirmed at first especially if I want to do qualitative interviews.

I communicate to all my AAs that I will have a delay in my interviews and encouraged AAs that feels the need to do it urgently to come to me to prioritize them.

I also choosed to do all my routine (KSR, Safety circle, A to 3) mainly with AAs that I still didn’t meet for their intrviews.

As result: I did interviews for all AAs that really needs to be met urgently

HR team had the information in advance and it was the case for other colleagues as well, so excepionnally we had extra time this year.

I finally finished all my interview after peak period by End of January.

Retrait PGs pack (Disagree and commit)

Acting Pack AM.


2 Leads: Main tasks: Safety, Quality and performance coaching to AAs :

Coaching of PGs team to ensure good standards (Dwells, Andon quick answer, Area readiness..)

: Keeping global vision of area and of CPTs advancment . CPTs (Critical pull time) are hours of truck departure before which a giving number of orders needs to be packed to make sure we meet customer promess.

Water spiders: Replenishment of boxes and materials to all packers.

PGs: Answering AAs andon. helping to chase orders for CPTs to get them packed on time. Chasing Totes or rebin walls with dwell to ensure FIFO is respected and nothing is lost.

During Pack SME meeting, the OPS SME requested to remove PG function to improve Pack indirect rates. As per standard, some sites has PGs/ Water spider that do same function which is answering Andons and replenishment. Leads manage all CPTs alone.

Other shifts AMs were ok to remove the PGs.

I totally disagreed because with this solution the lead will spend majority of time prioritizing units for CPTs and will lost the global vision of area. This also will lead to increase number of leads because one lead can’t ensure all tasks alone. So we will earn hours in pack indirect that we will spend them finally in Lead indirect hours.

Alson during peak period, we all the time staff a lot of PGs to cover all the line because CPTs volume increases. If we remove PGs now we will be obliged to get them back on process for Q4 and they will be less performers.

Ops SME Manager listed to all my arguments but told me that I still need to commit because the actual goal is to reduce Pack indirect spent hours and this is our only option.

I commited to the decision and while annoucing it to my PGs, I didn’t show my disagree at all.

Result: PGs were removed from all shifts, Pack indirect rate was better as expected. We added 2 additional leads in area (1 for pack and 1 for sort).

5/ Disagree and commit: GB -> BB

Scope: Acting Pack AM/ Weekend shift:

One of best part of our job: Helping temporary Associates (TA) improving their performance and quality to become Amazonian Associates (AA). I spend a lot of time to help them becoming the best and after getting hired by Amazon they usually keep same level of high standards thanks to the trust we create during all the process.

Those new Hired Associates bring also a fresh energy to the team and contribute to keep raising the bar.

Weekend shift is known by high performances and great work environment. It also suits to the need of parents that needs to saty with their children during the week. So many Amazonian Associates from other shifts applies to joing it -> This year decision: Stop converting internally GB-> BB, but send all Weekend shift GB to other shifts when they get their BB . Goal is to keep some place for old AA from other shifts that want to joing our shift.

Disagree with the decision. I spend time with those TAs to make them the best and they want to stay with their managers. This way we will have only long tenure AAs which tends more easily to be demotivated.

My manager explained to me the reason why (Equity for BB from other shifts) and that my work help increase level of new hired AAs in our site.

results: I was convinced that I need to think bigger than my own shift needs, equity for all AAs is a common goal and my TAs can still apply to join weekend shift if future places are available.

Liviu struggling:

Scope: Acting Flow AM:

Night shift new team launched this year (VS night). A small team of 150 AAs with new Operations Manager and only 1 experienced AM .

VS night generating many missed orders with customer impact ( Over 100 missed orders almost on a weekly basis). The team is highly challenged by general manager.

As Acting flow Manager, once we finish treating our day’s orders, I ask pack team to start prioritizing Night shift orders to advance their work at the most. I was also check continuously and secure their expected capacity whenever I detect a risk that will impact them.

During shift passassion, I help Flow Manager to establish the right strategy to run the shift. and also help them to remove some of their barriers: Example: They struggled to get accurate HC at SOS and this took them o lot of time leading to a blind flow management for a long time. I shared with them the possibility to get an approximative HC from different tools based on AAs TOT for example awaiting having the confirmed HC.

Result: No more missed units during this shift when they take over after mine. VS shift are getting more experienced now in term of flow Management, their flow metrics are more accurate as HC accuracy and Lagrange capacity (Expected throughput Vs real one).

Miss pick SLA:

Acting Flow AM / Proxy on shift CPT (Critical pull time):

The time corresponding to the expected delivery date of orders. All orders needs to be processed and loaded in the truck that left site on CPT time. Any delay = High risk of customer impact

One day we were about to miss a saturday 19h ‘CPT in MultiMedium process.

Multi process steps: Pick -> Rebin -> Pack / each step has an SLA which is a deadline before which all units needs to be processed. For example All multi units needs to be picked 1.5 hours before CPT, all units needs to be rebinned 1 hour before Pad time (or at least rebin ongoing).

Half an hour before CPT there were still over 300 units to process, and all last orders needed to be collected manually and taken in shipping area to ensure loading them into the truck

So CPT was saved with no misses but we went through high risky situation

It was important for me to avoid this situation from happening again. I conducted a flow meeting with pick and pack AMs and leads to analyse and get to the RC of this situation.

RC was that we missed Rebin SLA because of lost black tote in pick and no andon has been pulled from pick or rebin team. The team continued looking for the black tote leading to a big delay in rebin process.

Also,flow leads stopped following the SLA board since a while and didn’t pull the andon on time.

Result: Back to standard, Flow lead fills the SLA board, and all team communicate about SLA completion through talky walky. This situation didn’t happened again. Lesson learned: Quick fixs are good reflex but the best thing is to fully respect and follow standards to avoid such situations.

Polyvalence: court long terme.

Weekend shift- 12 hours per day/ Acting Flow AM

One of my missions: Follow up and controle training advancement of new hires. Goal: Being able to run balanced flow between pick/ Pack and rebin processes mainly.

This last Q4 peak started earlier than predicted due to different lockdowns (Covid-19) so there were some weeks where we hired more than 80 AAs per week. . Those TAs had a long expected contact going up to 4 months after peak. I gave split between processes to the school for the trainings.

AA trained to pick had to so 12 hours per day on picking which is very hard to maintain and can cause safety issues. As I knew that they will stay with us for a long time it was important for me that we work on their engagement and safety. This needs to spend more hours on short term to train them at least on 1 additional process (pack or shipping for example).

I explained this situation to my Manager and asked to plug a budget for their trainings (I estimated it to around 200H/ 50 pickers + 6 instructors for 3 hours). It was not mandatory as one process per AA was enough to go through peak, but those TAs will stay for a while and we can have safety risk and very low performances because they will get tired with time.

My Manager agreed and validated the plan. I launched and follow up the training.

Results: No associate was obliged to pick 12hours continuously -> Decreasing risk of incidents

TAs stayed engaged after Q4 and my shift had the best rates during Q1 (43 TPH Vs other shifts at 39) thanks to Temps associates performance.

Passation project pack:

Acting Pack AM/ project: standardization of pack tables.

In Our site, boxes placement wasn’t the same on all pack stations, netheir material placement -> This leads escpecially for new hires to lose time to adapt to new station each time and impact pack sequence (Estimated loss of 5% rate per TA)

Calculation done on group of 5 TAs, Blocked on same station for 2 weeks and group of 5 TAs changing their stations each day.

We have 9 pack lanes that needs to be done. I launched a team of 4 AAs to get the work done, we did 3 lanes during 2 weekends.

I was assigned from Pack acting AM to Flow acting AM ( My manager decision during start of Q3) so I needed to handover the project to the new Pack AM.

I prepared a plan of how the standard Station needs to looks like and also a PMV of the good expected replenishment (for material and boxes) I also shared the advancement done until now and left time until deadline ( 4 weeks left)

I also shared the expected gained TPH with the pack AM to give him more sens about project reason and to enable him follow up the expected throughput.

I gave him the list of AAs that were involved in the project.

I encouraged him to come to me if he needs any additionnal information.

result: Pack AM has all needed information and ressources to get the work finished. All stations were standardized within confirmed deadline.

1.5h WIP: pushed back against decision negatively impacts your team

Acting Flow AM/ 2019 Peak.

The wip (work in progress) is the available buffer of work for packers expressed in minutes of work. Standard: Min buffer: 1 hour and a half of work and Max buffer 2 hours of work.

If buffer is under 1.5h: Risk of no more work for packers and rebinners: Capacity loss and low TPH

If buffer above 2h: high risk of conveyors saturations and overflow. This may lead to a serious flow and customer impact.

2018 Q4 LIL1 experienced high issues linked to high buffers : thousands of missed orders and decision from GM to stop the pickers until situation is cleaned done twice.

For precaution, The GM asked us to limit our buffer to the minimum 1.5H to avoid any risk.

First day, this leads to frequent no more work in pack impacting global capacity. I am experienced in Flow so I pushed back and convinced my Manager to run at 1.7 wip level. This will enable me to avoid no more work and stay safe as it is enough lower than maximum level.

The GM and my manager refused at first, but I showed them all needed metrics that I follow up closely to ensure keeping flow under controle (Recirculation, good tote limit, close monitoring of buffer level and saturation).

Request validated.

As result: I runned with an average of 1.7 hours of work. No no more work faced and 0 missed units during this Q4. My manager put me again as flow manager for last Q4 and it was successfull again.

Area readiness.

Just Started as Acting Pack Manager -> Weekend shift, so I couldn’t meet directly pack AM of next team to walk together the area and check if all is fine for him.

i asked Pack AM to let me know about issues he notices by his SOS to improve them for next times.

Pack AM sent me the list of issues to correct: large trash bins not emptieds and some material was missed on pack table (Fillpack)

I gathered my team of Lead and PGs to share this with them and reaction was that they get the area in bad condition all the time so they don’t see why they need to deliver it all clean.

Through this situation, I noticed that my team has a wrong way of thinking. Instead of insisting on highest standards and looking to imporve things they lowered their expectations and quality of work they deliver.


I did individual meetings with leads and PGs during which I walked them through the company leaderships.

I explained to them how leaders are supposed to think and act and encourage them to work on this as a part of their own development.

The team appreciated what they learned and got more familiared with our company Leadership Principles. i asked my lead to review the area readiness form with PGs and add all uncovered areas. I share it through pack SME with all other teams.

result: New area readiness form is used until now, and our area readiness increased from an average of 85% to an average of 95%. My team is now very engaged to drive continuous improveemnt of area.


I1 – Scanned

Acting flow 2020

On this peak the challenge was to ship the most we can by hour to compensate the capacity loss due to covid restrictions. Cause Eu were not in capacity to send the customers orders forcasts

So we were absolutely focused on don’t loosse capacity

To do that I we were having the mission to maximise the throughput in pack by filling all pack stations

We have 9 pack lines, and all the the parcels are put on the conveyor to pass the slam that apply the ship label and then go to shoe sorter or flat sorter. If one of these sorter stop, all packs lines stop to. And packers can’t no more put the parcels on the line.

When it arrived, it is a real safety issue, cause packers put the parcel behind them or just beside. They can fall on it.

We have had this problem several time by the past, and we know how to manage this overflow, by sending a team to pick up all the parcel and store them on a safe area before manually slam them or slam them during the break like we have less packers on the lines.

I was knowing that we can manage around 3k scanned.

So we have had several flat sorter stop, and overflow have quickly increased. I’ve pulled the andon to the Ship manager, for him to know that the situation can go quickly ot of control and he asked me he was looking for the root cause.

I was having 2 options :

reduce capacity pack and then have a risk to not do the ship plan

accept overflow and reduce safety risk by asking to manager pack to manage it. But not the best option, cause overflow were at 4k

I’ve took decision to reduce the capacity in pack by 4k and send the packers to inbound pending the manager shipping serching the issue. I was not able to send packers to pick as we were overpicking a bit, and if I was sending them to pick, we would have overpick to much.

(si pas cas decision seul) : I’ve asked to my ops manager to contact inbound Flow am and do the moves.

As a result : Overflow become more controlable and we have maintain it around 2k.

RC has been identified, it was an issue with one conveyor, and RME solved it 1 hour after the move.

Overflow has been cleaned.

I have asked to my ops manager to contact IB flow AM and take back the IB reinforcement.

We’ve gone back to full capacity 1 hour and half after the issue.

I3 – On pack, we were having both water spider and Process guide. If it is important during peak to having one process guide and one water spider by line, for the 11 month remaining, we don’t need so much.

We work in week end shift, so only 24 hours a week. And our Pg don’t process every week, to be a good process guide, it is necessary to process. Meanwhile, when we were having test to have 1 Pg and 1 Water spider for 2 lines, the problem was packers wasn’t having cartboard on time, and some times it takes to much time to answer packers andon.

We’ve tried a lot of solution without good results.

I’ve decided to call all our process guides, and ask them if they would be ok to try something, learn to be water spider and answer the andon.

Result is now, all teams have the same process, 1 PG-water spider by line, PG can process all year long and packers aren’t waiting cartboard anymore. Meanwhile we have gain 12h every 24 packers in indirect time.

Buffer size limit

Acting manager flow

during Q4 one metric is particulary watched, the recirculation of our tote router. And if tote router reciruclate, we need for 20 % alert OM, for 40 % alert senior, and for 60 alert our GM.

The risk if we have recirculation is to have overflow in pick tower. And when it comes, we have risk to loose totes and so to miss cpt, and to make the shift becoming hell, as we are not able to close batches in multimedium.

I was very concerned about it.

Main reason of recirculation is when your buffer single is to high and totes can go on pack lines as they are full. so totes are staying on the tote router for 3 laps and then are going to jackpot if jackpot line is empty.

Wa can parameter buffer size limire to determine the limit max and limit min of the buffer single.

If you are above the limit, you are not on the standard and then you have risk to recirculate.

If you are on the limit, and you have recirculation, that mean there is a problem on the parameter.

I was very concerned about recirculation, so I’ve check during the first Q4 week if other shift were having issue with it. I’ve seen they were several time around 30 %.

Teams have also set a tote limit that stop the single when you’re going above a tote number. Then recirculation comes more controllable, and they were around 20 %, and 10 % of the time, they were in flow pause.

During our first week end of Q4, I’ve wait to be in flow pause, and I’ve checked our actual buffer single with the limit max set. I’ve seen we were under the maximum buffer size limit.

so the route cause was for me the maximum buffer size limit.

On the monday I’ve met the Flow sme and asked him for detail about the buffer size limit calculation they used, and I’ve seen there was a mistake on the calculation methode.

The standard for buffer size limit in single is 45 minutes and before buffer size limit was set in minutes in the tool from 40 minutes to 50 minutes.

But this was changed on the tools and set in units.

Buffer size limit was set for 1 hour of process as I’ve seen it was the average UPH for our FC in pack, I’ve asked to flow SME to set buffer size limit at the average uph multiplied by 0.7 for size min and 0.8 for size max

correction have been done and as a result buffer comes under control and recirculation going to 5 % and flow pause 5 %

Job rotation

Lead Pack

I’m working on week end shift. In week end shift we work 12 hours by day. And Associates have to pick or pack or rebin during this 12 hours.

It can be hard to pick and walk during 12 hours or to pack and rebin cause Associate, and I know it cause I was associate, have to do same movement during 12 hours.

I’ve seen some AA have health issues cause of that and some of them were very tired at EOS.

As I was very concerned about that, I have think a lot about how to help the AA to not being so tired and prevent them to have musculo skeletal disorders.

I’ve so thinking about job rotation and imagine than associate can rotate after each break in pick, pack, rebin and others process.

LTN2 ont un ecran après badgeage, qu’on a pas.

Groupes de couleurs avec 3 groupes, à chaque pause, 2 groupes vont au pick et un groupe va au pack.

Résultat : depuis c’est devenu un standard en équipe SD. Le process a été amélioré et un outil excel a été developpé.

Les incidents ont été réduit.

nous avons gagné 3 points d’uph parce que les AAs sont moins fatigué.

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